Why Your Bosch Washing Machine Leaves Clothes Wet

If you have to wring out freshly-washed clothes before transferring them to the dryer, your washer isn’t performing properly. What do I do if my laundry is too wet after washing? Check your washer settings to make sure the spin cycle is adequate for your wash load. Determine why your Bosch washing machine leaves clothes wet with these troubleshooting tips.

Bosch Washing Machine Leaves
Clothes Wet? This Could Be Why.

There can be multiple reasons a Bosch washing machine leaves clothes wet, ranging from the wrong wash cycle to part failures. While quickly pinpointing the problem can save time and effort, rapid troubleshooting can also save your dryer. Drying soaking wet clothes can lead to breakdowns that ultimately shorten a dryer’s lifespan, adding to your laundry woes. Here’s how to find the right solution when your clothes are too wet after washing.

#1. Drain Hose Kinked or Clogged

Clothes too wet for the dryer are often due to a drain hose that’s kinked or clogged. This hose carries used water from the washer drum to the sink drain or standpipe. If it’s blocked by kinks or clogs, water won’t be able to exit and will remain in the drum, leaving clothes wet. To check for kinks, move the washer away from the wall and gently straighten any twists in the hose.

When assessing for clogs, disconnect the hose from the sink drain or standpipe and allow it to drain into a bucket. If water doesn’t drain, there is likely a clog. If the clog is visible, carefully remove it before reconnecting the hose. When the clog can’t be reached at either end of the hose, it must be replaced.

#2. Washer Capacity Issue

One of the most common faults with Bosch washing machine drums is that they become unbalanced with the wrong size wash load. A load that’s too small can push clothing to one side of the washer drum, leaving it unable to spin or drain items effectively. A load that exceeds the washer’s capacity can also create an imbalance, reducing the speed of the spin cycle and leaving clothes wet.

Check your user manual to determine the exact capacity of your washer and avoid exceeding it when loading. When washing smaller loads, balance them out with one or two larger items to keep the drum balanced.

#3. Need to Adjust Washer Cycle Settings

Is your Bosch washing machine not spinning at full speed? You may need to adjust your cycle settings so it includes an adequate spin cycle. Some settings, such as Hand Wash or Delicate, use a slower spin speed to avoid harming fragile fabrics. Your Bosch washing machine leaves clothes wet because these spin speeds don’t remove enough water from a typical wash load. Bulky items require an even faster spin speed to effectively remove enough water.

bosch washing machine leaves clothes wet
Image from Bosch

Before starting your washer, make sure you’ve selected the right cycle setting for your specific wash load. If your washer allows, increase the spin speed for bulky items to ensure that they’re sufficiently drained of water before drying.

#4. Bosch Washer Not Spinning Properly

If you still find your Bosch washer not spinning clothes dry, a part failure may be responsible.

The following part malfunctions can compromise spinning, requiring a professional repair:

  • Broken drive belt: This rubber belt wraps around the washer drum, enabling it to spin via the motor’s power. If the belt breaks, the drum won’t be able to spin, leaving clothes wet.
  • Defective door lock switch: When the washer door is closed and locked, this switch signals the washer to spin and start a wash cycle. If the switch is defective, it may not signal the start of a cycle even if the door is closed. This leaves clothes wet if the washer starts to fill with water.

#5. Bosch Washer Not Draining Properly

In addition to drain hose blockages, clogs in the drain filter or drain pump can also cause drainage issues that leave clothes wet. The drain filter screens out debris to prevent it from blocking the drain pump. This pump uses impellers and a motor to expel used washer water from the drum and into the drain hose. If the filter becomes clogged it can block water from draining properly and lead to drain pump clogs.

what do I do if my laundry is too wet
Image from Bosch Canada

The drain filter is located behind an access panel on the bottom right corner of the washer. Refer to your user manual to determine how to remove and clean the filter on your model machine. Most washer cleaning tips suggest regular monthly filter cleanings to prevent blockages. A Bosch washer not draining properly even after a filter cleaning may have a blocked or malfunctioning drain pump. In this case, the pump requires a professional washing machine repair or replacement.

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Anna Conner

Anna Conner