Washer & Dryer Repair Fresno

Fast, Affordable Service for All Laundry Appliances

Your washer and dryer are essential for keeping your daily routine on the right track. No matter if you have a small home or a large household full of people, a sudden laundry appliance failure can leave you in a bad spot. That’s why our dryer and washer repair Fresno specialists are standing by ready to help!

Conner’s Appliance employs expert laundry technicians who have the training and experience needed to fix any model or malfunction. Whether you own a front-load washer, top-load washer, gas dryer, or electric dryer, you can count on us to fix the problem fast. So call us today for the best washer and dryer repair Fresno can offer.

Dryer Repair & Washer Repair Repair Fresno for All Models

We work on all types of home laundry appliances, including:

While some local companies only service certain models, but not us! Conner’s provides dryer repair and washer repair Fresno can count on for all models and configurations. Whether you have a front-load washer leaking water or your gas dryer won’t heat up, we can fix the problem in no time!

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Repair Guarantee

Good for One Whole Trip Around the Sun

Our repairs are backed by our signature 365 Day Parts and Labor Guarantee.* If you pay us to repair your appliance and our workmanship or the part fails within one year, we will replace the failed part again at no charge.

*Applies only if you have paid us directly. Otherwise, the warranty is for the length specified by the third party, home warranty, or manufacturer having us service your product on their behalf.

We Service All Popular Laundry Brands

There is a wide variety of washer and dryer brands on the market today. Modern laundry appliances are also more technologically advanced and packed with more features than ever. With so many different manufacturers, models, and styles, you need a company that knows how to fix them all. That’s where we come in!

We work on all major and high-end laundry brands. If you have a GE dryer not starting or your Bosch washer won’t drain, we can help. Our washer and dryer repair Fresno technicians are well-trained and experienced in fixing all models and malfunctions. Regardless of your brand, you can count on Conner’s for the best dryer repair or washer repair Fresno service.

Dependable Washer & Dryer Repair in Fresno

As technology continues to improve, our washers and dryers have become better and better. Today, a functioning washer and dryer are absolute necessities for every home. Most washers and dryers on the market are fully automated so that we no longer have to do much except wait for them to run.

If one of these essential appliances stops working, it can throw a big wrench into your routine. If you can’t rely on your washer or dryer for their consistent performance, Conner’s Appliance is here to help. We offer effective dryer repair and washer repair Fresno services for all models.

Washing machines

Whether your washer is an older top-loading model or a newer, more advanced front-loading machine, let us provide you with a repair solution.


There are many problems that can prevent efficient dryer operation, including broken components and dirty filters. We can find the right answer to the problem with your dryer.

Keeping Your Laundry Room Running Efficiently

When laundry appliances fail, it can leave you and your family in a tough spot. One option is to pack up and lug your laundry all the way to a laundromat, wasting time and creating extra expenses as long as the machine stays broken.

No matter what problem you are facing with your washer or dryer, our expert technicians are here to provide a solution. If you need fast dryer repair or washer repair in Fresno, CA and surrounding areas, we’ve got you covered.