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Customer Reviews - Appliance Repair

"Thought I was going to have to either buy a new washer or have the complete control panel replaced.  Neither, all it was, was a loose belt. The tech said this was a common problem when it won't spin.  He fixed it in less than 1hr.  Works great now.  Very happy.  Great service."
Kathy G. - Hanford

"Great service. Highly recommend. Very friendly and helpful. My trusted dryer had motor go out , they order new and replaced. Made me happy, since I didn't want a new dryer."
Stephanie B. - Armona

"They did a great job! My refrigerator started smelling like smoke. They scheduled a technician to come out within a few hours of me calling. Jeremy showed up and in a few minutes diagnosed and fixed my refrigerator. Problem solved. Fridge saved. Thanks!"
Michael R. - Hanford

"Highly professional and was able to set an appointment for next day. The professionalism continued when the technician showed up on time and was very courteous.

This was a call to fix an LG dryer my sister-in-law had given us that a competitor had to fix repeatedly.  She was using home warranty and had no choice in who to use going through them.  I will not name them as I did not use them personally. The other companies last repair left the dryer with no power to the control panel. I looked up what could be cause and believed it was the circuit board.  My wife and I decided it would still be worth it to repair this unit. The technician quickly resolved the problem, the last company had failed to reconnect a wire. We were only charged to service fee and no additional charges.

I am always hesitant in using repair companies due to bad experiences in the past, this experiance was a welcome exception. I would highly recommend this company." 
Robert M. - Fresno

"My microwave above our oven broke one day.  They came out and figured out the issue pretty quick.  Found a problem with the internal board.  They ordered the part, came back out and it was good to go.  

Not soon after my fridge decided it no longer wanted to keep things cold.  I tell you sometimes appliances can be very frustrating.  I called them back out.  It wasn't long and they found the issue was a fan on the freezer side where the motor had died.  Again they replaced the part and we were good to go.  

In both cases they saved me a bunch of money if you had compared it to replacing the unit out right.  Great service and professional technicians each time.  Highly recommend."
Betty M. - Lemoore

"Yesterday, I was having one of those days where everything that could go wrong went wrong. Then my washer stopped working. I phoned these guys and they came right out and helped me. The technician knew exactly what he was doing and saved the day. I thought I was going to need a new washer, but nope. I really appreciated it." 
Katherine A. - Hanford

"Great company. Guy came out was extremely professional and fixed my issue. The quality of work this company strives to you is excellent. I definitely will be using this company again!!"
Lynn H. - Monterey

These are just a few reviews from our most satisfied customers.  We can provide many more references upon request. 

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