Why Your Wolf Gas Range Burner Won’t Light

While a Wolf range is widely considered a culinary gold standard, issues common to other ranges can prevent the gas burners from lighting. Why is your Wolf stove burner not igniting? Accumulated grease and food particles could be blocking burner components, requiring a thorough cleaning. Determine why your Wolf gas range burner won’t light with these troubleshooting tips and solutions.

Wolf Gas Range Burner Won’t Light? Check These Three Common Causes.

While Wolf range part malfunctions are rare, it’s possible that a faulty component can prevent a burner from lighting. Here’s how to determine why your Wolf gas range burner won’t light and if it requires a DIY fix or professional repair.

Check for Power Issues

When assessing your gas range’s burner function, first ensure that the stove has adequate power. Even though it’s a gas range, it still needs electricity for the igniter to spark. If the range’s control panel isn’t illuminated, it’s likely a power issue, and not a burner problem, is preventing the burners from lighting.

Here’s how to check for power issues when your Wolf gas range burner won’t light:

  • Check the power cord: Make sure the cord is fully plugged into a working outlet and free of damage.
  • Look for tripped breakers: Check your home’s circuit breaker box and reset any tripped breakers.
  • Steer clear of extension cords: These cords can’t reliably conduct the voltage the range requires, resulting in surges that interrupt power.

If the stove has power and the burners won’t light, they’re likely dirty and in need of maintenance with our stove cleaning tips.

How to Clean Wolf Gas Stove Burners

wolf gas range cleaning tips

While you may wipe down your range after each use, food particles, grease and spills can accumulate unseen around the burners. This debris can clog burner ports, preventing gas from reaching the stovetop and lighting. It can also obstruct the igniter, preventing it from sparking and lighting the gas. Our simple Wolf gas range cleaning tips target specific burner components for a thorough cleaning.

Here’s how to clean Wolf range burners:

Burner Caps:

  1. Make sure the burner is completely cool.
  2. Lift the cap straight up to remove.
  3. Spray a mild degreaser onto a soft cloth and gently scrub the cap. Do not spray cleansers directly on the cap or place any burner components in the dishwasher.
  4. Rinse under running water.
  5. Dry thoroughly, blowing through the cap’s holes to remove excess water or cleanser.

Burner rings:

  1. Lift ring straight up to remove
  2. Clean with a cloth sprayed with a mild degreaser.
  3. Rinse under running water.
  4. Dry thoroughly.
  5. Unclog burner port holes with a pin or straightened paper clip. Avoid using a toothpick; pieces can break off and become stuck in the hole.
  6. Replace burner caps and rings.


  1. Insert a non-abrasive scouring pad between the igniter and the burner and gently move it back and forth. Lightly scrub any debris from the top of the igniter with the pad.
  2. Avoid using water or liquid cleansers on the igniter, as they can prevent it from sparking.

Wolf Gas Igniter Failure

If your Wolf gas range burner won’t light after a thorough cleaning, chances are that the igniter (or spark electrode) has failed. The igniter must be able to gather enough electricity to open the stove’s gas valve, allowing gas to flow to the burner. Next, it must generate an electrical spark to light the gas. If the gas stove igniter won’t spark or open the gas valve, the burner won’t be able to light. 

wolf stove burner not igniting

To determine if the igniter is faulty, observe it as it tries to light the burner. If it doesn’t light after 90 seconds, the igniter has likely failed and must be replaced. We suggest that either a professional service or experienced DIYer perform this specialized Wolf range repair

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