What to Do When Your Top Load Washer Shakes Violently

Do you have a washer at home that’s decided to shake, rattle, and roll? When your top load washer shakes violently, it can make you feel like you’re living through an earthquake. But don’t stress out; by the time we’re done here, you’ll have the know-how to stop that washer from dancing around the laundry room.

What’s Up With My Top Load Washer Shaking So Much?

Before we get our hands dirty, it’s crucial to figure out the reasons why your top load washer shakes violently! So let’s get down to business:

Loads Are Too Large or Unbalanced

Why is my top load washer shaking violently on the spin cycle? The number one suspect for a shaking washer is an unbalanced load. When the load is too full or the laundry is bunched up on one side, it will stop it from evenly spinning and make the drum shake and the washer make loud banging noises.

What to do? Redistribute those clothes inside the drum. Spread ’em out evenly around the middle part – that’s called the agitator. Also, make sure not to overfill it. Give redistributing a shot; your problem could be as simple as that!

Why is my top load washer shaking violently on the spin cycle

Shipping Bolts Left in Place

Buying a new washer is exciting, but it comes with its own set of problems. One such issue that could be causing your top load washer to shake violently is if the shipping bolts haven’t been removed after installation. These bolts are designed to keep the drum stable during transit but can turn your laundry day into a total shake-fest if left in place.

What to do? You’ll want to look for these shipping bolts at the back and underneath your washer. Here’s a little trick: try pressing down the bottom of the drum. If it doesn’t budge, then it’s highly likely those shipping bolts are still in there.

These bolts or plastic clamps might be hiding behind the back panel or at the bottom of your machine, especially if it’s a new installation. And the good news is, they’re usually brightly colored and made from a cheap plastic. So, they should look like a sore thumb in your otherwise sleek machine.

Let’s get ’em out! Removing the shipping bolts could be as simple as squeezing the handle and giving a good pull. If they’re screwed into a panel, grab a wrench and turn counterclockwise to loosen and remove them. Sometimes, you can even unscrew these bolts by hand.

Poor Washer Installation

Why is my washing machine shaking like crazy? If your washer isn’t installed on a flat surface, or if the feet are wonky, it could be shaking up a storm. Not only that, but it’s likely your washer is leaving clothes sopping wet.

What to do? Grab a level and see if your washer is straight. If it’s off-kilter, you’ll need to adjust the feet until it’s level. This can usually be done by twisting the feet and extending them.

How do I stop my top load washer from shaking

Shock Absorber Failure

Your washer has shock absorbers, just like a car. But when they go on the fritz, your washer might start acting like it’s on a rocky road.

What to do? You’ll have to do some detective work here. Remove the front or back panel of your washer and take a look at those shocks. If they’re beat up or not working properly, you’re gonna need to swap them out. This will usually be a job for a technician.

Old Suspension Springs

These little guys help your washer stay put while it’s washing. But, like anything, they can wear out or break. And then? You guessed it; you might find your top load washer shakes violently.

What to do? How do I stop my top load washer from shaking? Again, it’s time to take off that panel and play detective. If those springs look rusty, tired, or broken, you’re going to need new ones.

Tackling these issues one at a time could lead you to the source of your shaky problem. Start with the easy stuff – balancing your laundry – and then move on to the trickier fixes if needed.

But hey, if you’re not into DIY, or if your washer is still trying to join a heavy metal band after you’ve tried these solutions, it’s probably time to call in the big guns for washer service.

That’s where Conner’s Appliance comes into play. We’ve tamed the rowdiest washers, and we’re ready to get yours back on track. And let’s be real there’s absolutely no shame in needing a helping hand sometimes – that’s what we’re here for!

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