Save Some Dough On Stove Repairs: 4 Appliance Maintenance Tips

Shelling out money for stove repairs is never fun, particularly when the repairs could have been avoided with a small amount of monthly preventative maintenance. In this post, the Conner’s Appliance stove repair experts share 4 appliance maintenance tips to save you a little bit of money and keep your cooking appliances running smoothly!

1. Fortify your oven’s seal…
Have you ever heard the old adage that you should never open the oven door unless you absolutely must? Bakers avoid opening the oven door because it allows a tremendous amount of heat to escape, potentially ruining their even bake. However, it doesn’t take a fully opened door to lose a ton of heat: even a small issue with your oven door seal can cause up to twenty percent of its heat to trickle into your kitchen. This not only forces your air conditioner to work harder to regulate the room’s temperature; it also means your oven must expend twenty percent more energy to get the job done. That means paying twenty percent more on your energy bill each month. Furthermore, keeping your oven running on overtime may move it closer to an early retirement, which can mean spending a decent chunk of change on an oven replacement.

Check the condition of the fiberglass gasket that runs along the perimeter of your oven door. Feel around for breaks, tears, or anything deformed, and close the door to check for unsuspected leaks. If you find a leak, give our oven and stove repair experts a call at 1-888-383-1911. 

2. Clean your dirty range hood and downdraft vent filters…
The dirtier you allow your vent filters to get, the more difficult your stove and oven system will have to work, which means a greater chance of you needing oven and stove repairs in the future. You also want to wash metal mesh grease filters in hot soapy water. You can also run them through the dishwasher, but Conner’s advises you to give them a quick scrub or spray before you do to prevent soggy dust buildup in your washer’s interior. Charcoal or paper filters will need to be entirely replaced. 

3. Clean out the drip bowls on your stovetop…
Are you tired of breathing the burnt residue from last night’s dinner every time you turn on your stove? Give your drip bowls a thorough cleaning to improve their appearance, eliminate bad odors, and remove a common cause of fires in the home. Take out the drip bowls and pre-soak them in a cleaning solution for several minutes, then hand wash them to perfection. If you have waited too long and your spills have been seared into the bowl, you can contact our stove repairs department for replacement parts. 

4. Clean spills the moment they occur…
Crusted spills are a nightmare to clean, especially when you could have avoided it with a few seconds of effort as it happened. Cooking spills are a fact of life, but you can clean up almost any mess in seconds with a sponge or paper towel, but only if you get it while it’s still warm. Get in the habit of wiping spills away the second they happen to save a lot of effort and prevent the inevitable scuff marks that are usually created during rounds of heavy scrubbing.

Call Quick Fix for Same-Day Stove Repairs
If you are late to the stove maintenance gam, you may have to pay for stove repairs. In that case, our team is here help. Call and request a free quote.  Learn why so many Californians choose Conner’s Appliance when they need qualified, insured, and warrantied stove repair specialist.
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