How to Fix a Miele Washer Leaking Water

Washer leaks can be a messy mystery as you mop up puddles and try to pinpoint the problem. What’s a common reason for a Miele front load washer leaking water? A kinked drain hose can limit water flow, causing backups that result in leaks. Gently straighten any visible kinks or replace a damaged hose. Learn how to fix a Miele washer leaking water with these troubleshooting tips.

Why Is My Miele Washer Leaking Water?

Troubleshooting Miele washing machine problems like leaks starts with locating the source. This can determine whether a DIY fix or professional repair will solve the problem. Our how-to guide details common reasons for washer leaks and the right solutions.

Washer Not Level With the Floor

One of the most likely reasons for leaks is a washer that’s not level. Excessive vibration can occur during operation if the machine isn’t level with the floor, causing leaks. An unlevel washer can also increase water pressure, resulting in a Miele washer leaking from the detergent drawer from the influx of water.

Place a carpenter’s level on top of your washer to determine if it’s level with the floor. If it isn’t, the washer legs can be raised or lowered to make it level and stop the leak. Refer to your washer manual for instructions on how to raise or lower the legs on your model washer. Some can be screwed or unscrewed to the desired height, while others have a locking nut that must be tightened or loosened.

Kinked Washer Drain Hose

A kinked drain hose is a common Miele washing machine drain fault that causes leaks. Kinks or clogs prevent water from draining through the hose, resulting in backups that can cause leaks.

Here’s how to address drain hose kinks, damage, or clogs:

  • Kinks: Gently straighten any visible kinks, disconnecting the hose if necessary.
  • Damage: Assess for visible damage such as tears or holes. A damaged hose requires replacement.
  • Clogs: Look for clogs by disconnecting the drain hose at the drain pipe and using a drain snake to locate and remove blockages. 

If the hose isn’t kinked, damaged or clogged, ensure its connections at the machine and drainpipe or wash tub are correct and secure. 

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Water Inlet Leaking

Water inlet hose leaks are another reason for a Miele washer leaking water. Like the drain hose, the water inlet hose should be checked for kinks, damage, or clogs that can cause leaks. A damaged water inlet hose should be replaced.

If the hose is functioning properly, it’s possible the water inlet valve has malfunctioned. This valve opens and closes electronically to allow water to enter the washer. When it malfunctions, water can accumulate inside and cause leaks. If multimeter testing of the valve shows a lack of continuity, it’s broken and requires professional replacement.

Need to Clean Drain Filter

On front load washers, the drain filter screens dirt and debris from draining water, protecting your Miele washing machine drain pump. If the filter or its compartment becomes clogged, it won’t drain and filter water properly, causing leaks and risking drain pump damage. Important washer cleaning tips include cleaning the drain filter every 6-8 weeks to prevent clogs.

Follow these steps to clean a Miele washer drain filter:

  1. Push the filter access panel on the bottom left corner of the washer to open the flap and access the filter.
  2. Place a shallow tray under the flap to catch any draining water.
  3. Turn the drain filter lid counterclockwise to loosen the filter without removing it completely. Allow any water to drain into the tray.
  4. Once the water is completely drained, remove the filter lid and clean dirt and debris, disposing of any foreign objects.
  5. Replace the filter lid by turning it clockwise and close the flap on the filter panel.
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Leaky Washer Door Seal

Another cause of a Miele washer leaking water is a damaged washer door seal. On front load washers, this rubber gasket provides a tight seal when the door is closed, preventing leaks. However, if it’s ripped or torn, there won’t be a watertight seal and door leaks can occur. Inspect the door seal for signs of damage. A damaged door seal should be professionally replaced.

We also recommend that you wipe down the door seal after each load using a clean cloth. This will help to keep the seal from leaking as well as prevent odors from mildew growth.

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