Fix Your Ice Maker

Isn’t It About Time To Fix Your Ice Maker?

Of all the calls to appliance repair companies, a large number involve broken ice makers. Ice maker repair seems like it would be a very easy undertaking, but it’s quite difficult in all actuality. While there may be specific issues or standard problems that you could possibly fix yourself, more often then not most situations are not able to be remedied without custom parts and a very experienced ice maker technician.

Primary Things To Troubleshoot To Determine If You Need Ice Maker Repair

You should check for a few things first that will let you know if calling an appliance repair company is even necessary. One of the first things to double check is if the water is turned on. Frequently somebody will incidentally kill the water inside the freezer compartment or at the water line to which the appliance is connected.

The moving parts in charge of first making and then removing the ice cubes into a plastic tray or container sometimes can get jammed. Ice cubes may get captured in the instrument and prevent the unit from delivering more ice or loading with water. Check for this by investigating the chute or lifting the component where the ice drops.

Now and then the line will freeze between the water input point and where the water purges into the unit. A few things can cause this, for example, like the temperature of the freezer being too high, or the insulating protection for the line is deficient to prevent the water from solidifying. If your unit enables you to bring down the freezer temperature, then bring it down and check whether that fixes the issue. On the off chance that you can’t bring down the freezer temperature, then perhaps you may need to call your local appliance repair pro from Conner’s Appliance. We specialize in ice maker repairs.

Some Issues Are Not The Ice Maker’s Fault

A few problems may seem to be issues with your ice maker, however, many are caused by something else. For instance, home owners commonly complain about bad scents or terrible taste. These don’t come about because of a problem with the ice maker, but rather an issue with the water filter.

In addition, white specs in ice cubes don’t originate from the ice maker. Calcium carbonate develops in the water and makes the specs appear. As the water solidifies, the previously unnoticed particles wind up plainly obvious. Utilizing a water filter can take care of this issue.

Indicators That Your Ice Maker Indeed Does Need A Service Tech

On the off chance that the ice dispenser won’t discharge the cubes, most likely a part needs to be replaced. Here and there an ice maker will constantly make ice cubes without ceasing. This probably requires another sensor or some other internal part to the ice maker. We have most ice maker repair parts available for most major brands. If not, the parts for these sorts of issues can generally be found locally. Either way, Conner’s Appliance will handle all of this for you and make sure you get the correct parts that you need for your ice maker.

Lastly, sometimes an ice maker will simply quit working altogether, with no noticeable indications of a reason. Given the complex nature of ice makers today, and the way that they incorporate with every fridge make and model in various ways, your best bet would be to call one of the highly trained repair specialists at Conner’s Appliance. We’ll take care of it for you. Give us a call today, and let’s get that ice maker fixed!

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