Why Is My Electrolux Dryer Making Loud Noise?

As familiar as some dryer noises might be, others can sound downright strange if they’ve never been heard before. Why is my Electrolux dryer so loud? Overloading can result in loud humming sounds. Use this guide to common dryer sounds to determine if an Electrolux dryer making loud noise needs a DIY fix or professional repair.

How To Fix an Electrolux Dryer Making Loud Noise

Though an Electrolux dryer making loud noise may continue to operate and dry clothes, unusual sounds shouldn’t be ignored. Even a simple problem should be resolved as soon as possible to avoid larger issues. Here’s how to determine if loud noises indicate a complication or are part of normal operation.

Dryer Is Humming

Humming is a common sound when your dryer makes noise when tumbling. The dryer’s motor makes a low humming sound as part of normal operation and shouldn’t be a cause for concern. However, if the humming is louder than usual, the dryer may be overloaded. Too many clothes in the dryer drum can overwork the motor, resulting in louder operating sounds. If the clothes are near the top of the dryer drum, remove some items before resuming the cycle. 

Electrolux dryer making noise

Dryer Makes a Grinding Noise

Electrolux dryers have felt tape along the interior of the drum that helps it rotate smoothly. If the felt tape is loose or damaged, you’ll notice your Electrolux dryer making grinding noise as it spins. Inspect the felt tape along the inside of the drum and run your hand along it to look and feel for damage. If the felt tape is torn or loose, it should be replaced.

Dryer Rattles While Running

Is your Electrolux dryer making noise that sounds like rattling? This could mean that the blower wheel is loose. The blower wheel helps circulate warm air and expel it out the dryer vent. Over time, it can loosen and start to wobble on its shaft, resulting in a rattling noise. Lint or even small articles of clothing can also clog the fan blades, making it operate loudly. Our dryer cleaning tips can help reduce lint and the likelihood of many common problems.

To check the blower wheel, disconnect the dryer from its vent and briefly turn it on. If the airflow coming out of the dryer is weak, the blower wheel may be loose or obstructed. Remove any visible obstructions and try rotating the wheel by hand. If it wobbles, it should be replaced.

Dryer Makes Thumping Sound

Worn drum rollers are often responsible for loud dryer thumping sounds. Along with the drum’s felt tape, the drum rollers in the front and rear of the drum help it rotate smoothly. They also support the dryer’s weight as it spins. Over time, the rubber coating around the rollers can wear out, causing the dryer to make a thumping sound during rotation.

Wondering how to fix noisy Electrolux dryer thumping sounds? Inspect the rollers for signs of wear and tear. Even if only one of the drum rollers is worn, it’s best to have all of them professionally replaced at the same time.

electrolux dryer making grinding noise

Broken Electrolux Dryer Parts

If these assessments fail to diagnose an Electrolux dryer making loud noise then a broken part may be at fault. 

The following parts can make loud noises when they fail, requiring replacement by a professional dryer repair service:

  • Drive belt: The drive belt wraps around the dryer belt via two pulleys, rotating it via the motor’s power. If the drum starts to fray or tear, the dryer will make a squealing sound while it operates.
  • Drum bearing: The drum bearing supports the rear of the dryer drum but can wear out over time. When it does, the drum may make squealing or grinding sounds while tumbling.
  • Drive motor: In rare cases, the motor’s bearings can wear out, causing the motor to make loud grinding or rumbling sounds.

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