Electrolux Dishwasher Not Starting? Follow These DIY Tips

While an Electrolux dishwasher can deliver superior cleaning performance, you can’t enjoy this benefit if it doesn’t even turn on. Why is my Electrolux dishwasher not starting? The wrong setting can prevent or delay an immediate start. Troubleshoot starting issues with these common causes and DIY solutions.

5 Reasons For An Electrolux Dishwasher Not Starting

Before assuming the need for a repair, an Electrolux dishwasher may require a simple DIY fix. From the wrong setting to improper door closure, here’s how to avoid hand washing dirty dishes and restore your dishwasher’s function.

1. Dishwasher Incoming Power Issue

If your Electrolux dishwasher won’t power on and other control panel buttons are unresponsive, it may not be receiving power. 

Here’s how to assess incoming power issues:

  • Make sure the power cord is properly plugged in: The cord must be damage-free and completely plugged into a functioning outlet. Avoid using extension cords that can’t reliably transmit the voltage required, causing surges that interrupt power.
  • Confirm that the power switch is on: Most dishwashers are connected to a power switch that must be turned on to deliver electrical power. Make sure the corresponding switch is in the on position, recognizing that it may be under the kitchen sink.
  • Look for tripped breakers: Check your home circuit breaker box and reset breakers if necessary.
electrolux dishwasher won't power on

2. Dishwasher Door Not Closed and Latched

An improperly closed door is a common reason for an Electrolux dishwasher not starting. As a safety precaution, and to avoid leaks, the door must be completely closed and the latch engaged for a wash cycle to begin. When closing the door, give it a firm push to engage the latch. The latch should make an audible clicking sound when engaged, indicating that the door is closed and signaling the dishwasher to start.

If the latch doesn’t click and shows visible damage or a lack of continuity with multimeter testing, it must be replaced.

3. Problem With Dishwasher Cycle Settings

Why doesn’t a wash cycle begin when I press my Electrolux dishwasher start button? Control panel and cycle setting issues could be responsible.

The following problems with control panel functions and settings could prevent an immediate start:

  • Wash cycle isn’t selected: In order for the dishwasher to start, a wash setting must be selected. Make sure you’ve selected the right wash cycle for your particular load and use our dishwasher cleaning tips to improve performance, if necessary. If you feel your dishwasher leaves dishes wet, make sure you also select a heated drying phase with your wash cycle.
  • Wrong setting selected: Settings like “Delay Start” may delay a wash cycle’s start while the “Ultra-Quiet” or “Night” settings include long pauses in the cycle. Some dishwashers have a reset button, allowing for an Electrolux dishwasher control panel reset to change the setting. However, others must be turned off and turned back on to cancel a function.
  • Error codes: A flashing light, beeping sounds or an error code could indicate a problem that prevents an immediate start. Refer to your user manual to decipher the meaning of the codes or signal and the right solution.
  • Touchpad malfunction: If you find your Electrolux dishwasher touchpad not working, it may have suffered a malfunction or damage from excess moisture. A professional repair service may need to assess and/or replace the touchpad.
Electrolux dishwasher touchpad not working

4. Dishwasher Water Supply Issue

If you find your Electrolux dishwasher not starting or filling, even if it has power, there may be a water supply issue. Check the water supply hose for kinks that can restrict water flow, straightening out the hose if necessary. Also, make sure that your home’s water supply valve is on and the dishwasher’s hose is properly connected to the supply line.

If supply hoses and connections are correct, a faulty water inlet valve may be inhibiting water flow. If the valve is stuck closed, water from your home supply won’t reach the dishwasher. A professional service should assess and replace the valve.

5. Broken Electrolux Dishwasher Parts

If these DIY troubleshooting tips don’t solve the problem, a part failure could be preventing the dishwasher from starting. A blown thermal fuse can eliminate power to the dishwasher, while a faulty timer won’t power the appropriate function at the right time.

Lastly, if the control panel’s selector switch is defective, it won’t allow you to set different functions to start a wash cycle.

All of these part failures are best assessed and repaired by a professional dishwasher repair service.

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