How to Troubleshoot an Electrolux Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes

You’ve invested premium dollars for an Electrolux dishwasher, so it makes sense to expect premium performance, right? Well, just like the best directors delivering the occasional box office flop, the best dishwashers giving you the rare glitch is far from groundbreaking. Your Electrolux dishwasher not drying can stem from multiple factors, and finding a solution is manageable.

Electrolux Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes?

Your Electrolux dishwasher not drying dishes effectively can be a part malfunction or an operator error. Applying preventative measures can also alleviate future dishwashing downfalls. Before blaming the brand or spiraling into a rabbit hole of regret, it’s important to identify possible issues and dishwasher cleaning tips that can make your dishes Mojave-level dry.

Dirty Dishes Are Too Crowded

Even with Electrolux’s keystone Luxury-Dry system, overloading the racks can still restrict hot airflow. Not only did you invest your money in Electrolux’s highly-rated drying system, but you also opted for its flexible spray jets and satellite spray arm that can emit up to 400% more water than the average Joe models. Pay attention to these simple loading suggestions:

Avoid Nesting: Distribute the silverware into the designated compartment to prevent nesting. For example, when the concave of the spoons fits together it causes disproportionate rinsing and drying.

Make Use of the Extra Rack: If you’ve spread for the third level rack, take advantage and rearrange some of the dish overflow, especially the serving ware and extra utensils, to get the full effect of your Electrolux dishwasher.

Face Down to Space Up: For optimal use of space and drying efficiency, double-check that cups, bowls, and drinking glasses are loaded face down on the top rack. This will maximize your space and prevent water from collecting in your sunken-shaped dishes.

electrolux dishwasher not heating or drying
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Unload the Bottom Rack First

Now that you’ve mastered the loading factor, it’s time to test your unloading game. This is possibly the easiest quick fix if your Electrolux dishwasher leaves dishes wet. When you remove the items from the top rack, extra or trapped water can drip down onto the lower rack and dress your dishes in unnecessary water drippage. In life, it’s common to start from the bottom and work your way up, and the same applies to this run-of-the-mill household chore.

Need to Add Dishwasher Rinse Aid

Probably the most crucial aspect of tackling your Electrolux dishwasher not heating or drying is using the rinse aid. The rinse aid is a liquid added to the water that breaks the bond between the water molecules and the dishes. Think of Electrolux’s rinse aid feature as a drying agent that causes the water to bead up and flow right off the dishes. Without the rinse aid, water will exercise Squatter Rights and remain on the dishes after the cleaning cycle.

If your Electrolux dishwasher leaves dishes wet, tacking on additional rinse aid is a solid plan, even if your dishwasher tablets have rinse aid included. Simply lift the latch located on the dishwasher door and fill the reservoir up to the full indicator. Since plastic dishes don’t retain heat as well as silverware, it’s recommended to use additional rinse aid when sending plasticware through a wash cycle.

electrolux dishwasher doesnt dry dishes

Need to Choose Heated Dry Option

The extra drying features are Electrolux godsends, but remembering to activate them is key. If your Electrolux dishwasher isn’t drying, double down that you’ve selected the appropriate drying cycle. Though it will increase cycle time and energy consumption, enabling the Dry +, Dry Plus, or XtraDry function will encourage better drying results.

Defective Electrolux Dishwasher Parts

If you’ve exhausted the above suggestions and your Electrolux dishwasher isn’t drying, it’s possible that a part malfunction has breached the atmosphere. The saying, “It happens to the best of us,” is a saying for a reason. The following part mishaps can occur and require professional attention:

Fan Failure: The fan is intended to spread around heat and enhance the drying process. If the fan’s motor shorts out, or if the blades don’t oscillate properly, water will bind itself to the dishes and glassware.

Busted Vent: A dishwasher’s vent releases the steamy air from the rinse cycle to speed up drying. If the vent doesn’t open, damp air is trapped inside the dishwasher, leaving evidence of condensation on your dishes.

Faulty Heating Element: Many dishwasher models contain a heating element that heats the air inside to intensify the drying procedure. This can introduce additional moisture to the dishes and literally dampen drying effectiveness.

The pros at Conner’s Appliance are available to explore and fix your Electrolux dishwasher not drying to your satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to give us a call when you need a dishwasher repair service and for all your appliance needs!

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