Appliance Tips: Are Used Appliances Worth Buying?

If you’re planning a budget-conscious kitchen renovation or need a new appliance ASAP, used options can be a tempting money saver. Are used appliances worth buying? Making the right choices from a reputable used appliance reseller can result in significant savings on quality products. Learn what to consider when buying used appliances so you can shop smart and save big.

Are Used Appliances Worth Buying? Here’s What to Keep in Mind.

While a lower cost is certainly an advantage, are used appliances worth buying if all they offer is a cheaper price? Buying from a reliable authorized retailer illustrates how reliability, repairability, and reputation are also key considerations. But, first, here are some other advantages of buying used.

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Should I Buy a Used Appliance?

Saving money on a quality product that still has years of use is more than possible when buying a used appliance.

Here are some advantages of buying pre-owned appliances:

  • Significant savings: Even high-quality appliances have a value that quickly depreciates, enabling used appliance retailers to knock hundreds off a department store price.
  • Minimal prior use: Buying used often means purchasing an appliance with just a superficial flaw, like a dent or scratch. A little creative camouflaging means you can get a top-of-the-line item that’s barely used or blemished for a significantly reduced cost.
  • Long remaining lifespan: Minimal use or flaws means that a used appliance still has years left on their lifespan. Even if an appliance is 1-2 years old, you can likely get a decade’s worth of productive use after paying a lower upfront cost.

Best Appliances to Purchase Used

The best appliances to purchase used are often those at the biggest price point. Items like refrigerators and gas ranges are often the most expensive to buy when new, making used options the most cost-effective. Ranges and refrigerators also have long lifespans with minimal repair needs. You may be able to get almost two decades of use from a used refrigerator with little required maintenance.

A used washer and dryer are also some of the best pre-owned options to consider. Often, these machines are resold after being used for very short periods of time. In other instances, they’re returned to the store simply for not fitting like the buyer anticipated and aren’t used at all. A trusted used appliance retailer can provide all the needed information about a particular appliance’s history so you know exactly what you’re purchasing. 

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What to Avoid When Appliance Shopping

Are used appliances worth buying online? Unknown online sellers are often focused on making a profit, not your best interest. What you buy may have untold wear and tear, maintenance needs, or user issues that aren’t revealed until it’s too late. We recommend avoiding online shopping and, instead, making your used appliance purchase from a qualified used appliance retailer.

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The pros of buying from a reputable used appliance store include:

  • Bigger selection and range of services: Used appliance stores likely have a bigger inventory to choose from with more models, colors and sizes. Many also offer delivery and installation services.
  • Buyer protection: Most used retailers will still offer a warranty on a pre-owned appliance. This provides you with some assurance that what you’re buying is in proper working order.
  • Knowledge and experience: A used appliance salesperson has a wealth of knowledge about particular brands and models and knows when to fix or replace an appliance.

How to Find a Reputable Local Dealer

Online information can come in handy when searching for local used appliances stores. Try to find several positive online reviews about a particular location before committing to a visit. Pay particular attention to reviews that recommend salespeople by name or comment on specific situations where that store was uniquely helpful. 

A good reputation is worth its weight in gold, with longstanding businesses often offering the best deals and customer service. A retailer that’s a longtime community member benefits from your trust, giving them every incentive to keep your best interest at heart.

Are used appliances worth buying? When they’re from Conner’s used appliance store we guarantee that you’re getting a reliable product for significant savings. Visit our showroom to view our wide range of inventory and savings!

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