4 Tips To Baby Proof Your Appliances

If you have a baby, then it’s a fact…you must baby-proof kitchen appliances. Clearly, baby-proofing isn’t something you need to worry about on the day your child is born. You don’t really need to worry about baby-proofing for weeks even, but it is something you want to start thinking about and take seriously. Many parents want to learn how to baby-proof their kitchen appliances before the child is actually born, so they know what to do when the time comes.

It is imperative to have an idea of appliances that need to be baby-proofed and those that do not. Just utilize some common sense in this area. Babies are extremely curious creatures.  They want to know about the world and can gain access to many more things than you would think. For that reason alone, it’s a good idea to come up with a solid plan to baby-proof your kitchen appliances.

Important Reasons for Baby-Proofing Appliances

It shouldn’t be difficult to see why it’s so important to baby-proof your kitchen appliances. This is basically anything the child can reach. Within just a few seconds, your child can potentially cause some serious problems with any of your appliances in your home. This is particularly imperative with the appliances in your kitchen.

There are basically two major reasons to support the act of baby-proofing kitchen appliances as soon as possible. The first reason is the most obvious. You should aim to do everything humanly possible to make sure your infant is protected.  Accidents happen within seconds. Baby-proofing your kitchen appliances can eliminate the likelihood of bad accidents happening.

The second reason is not as important as the safety and health of your child, but it’s still something that you should keep in mind. Your infant can get hurt on certain kitchen appliances, but they can also make a giant mess. They can also cause small to serious damage to any one of your kitchen appliances. This is a particular problem with curious toddlers!

4 Tips To Baby-Proof Your Kitchen Appliances

If you are intent on baby-proofing your kitchen appliances effectively, here are four great tips that you can keep in mind for your kitchen:

1. Make an investment in latches: When it comes to latches and locks, they work.  Take the advice of our experts at Conner’s Appliance. Locks and latches are some of the most important tools to help ensure you are are baby-proofing your kitchen appliances properly. Cabinets and drawers clearly make sense, but we also strongly suggest adding latches and locks to your dishwasher, your refrigerator door, your washing machine, dryer and any other appliances that your child can reach. Slide locks and button straps are two popular options that are available to you.

2. Cover your knobs: Another way to protect your baby and your appliances is to buy covers for the knobs on your stove or any other appliance that utilizes knobs. These covers make it impossible for your child to turn the knobs. They also make these covers for dishwashers and washing machines.  Do some research, it will be worth it.

3. Keeping switches away: This step costs a little more, but it’s a super smart move to put ON/OFF control for all your major kitchen appliances on ONE switch that will be installed on your wall. If this main switch is off, then all the appliances are off and it doesn’t really matter if your child hits buttons or turns knobs or does anything else.

4. Organize: Should your baby or toddler get into an appliance, make extra sure you have things organized. This last tip to baby-proof kitchen appliances involves making sure nothing dangerous in your fridge or dishwasher is within reach of your child.
All the tips above give you a really good idea of how you can protect your home, your kitchen appliances, and most of all, your little-loved ones.  After all, they are what matter most.

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