3 Steps To Choosing A Good Appliance Repair Company

One of the questions asked most often by homeowners who have a malfunctioning or broken appliance is how to go about selecting the right company for appliance repair. At Conner’s Appliance, we stand firm that all appliance owners should be aware of the 3 most important steps in the selection process to get rid of any potential issues or complications with the appliance repair.

Step 1: Licensing

Ensure any company you are considering to hire is licensed, bonded and insured. If they are not, they could possibly damage your appliance or worse, your home. You’ll be stuck covering the bill! Most appliance repair companies have their license numbers readily available upon request, so if you want to double check and make sure, remember to ask about it!

Step 2: Factory Authorization

Find out if the appliance repair company is factory authorized. This is imperative for safety, as being factory authorized means that any professional working for the company has gone through a background check and has been trained by a certified trainer on the appliance they’re repairing. Again, companies that are factory authorized will gladly discuss this aspect of the company, so just ask about it. Conner’s Appliance is factory authorized on virtually every name brand out there. To see a list of the brands that we service, visit our brands page.

Step 3: Experience

Consider the experience of the company. Not necessarily how many years they have in business but about continuing education. A company with thirty years of experience may not be ready to fix your new appliance because appliances are made differently today than back then. Ask about continuing education when researching any repair company to ensure they are up to date with the latest technology and being trained on it properly. Rest assured, the repair pros at Conner’s Appliance know all the details about modern appliances and older appliances.

In summary, licensing, factory authorization, and experience are your steps to a successful appliance repair! For more info on how Conner’s Appliance meets these requirements, please just give us a call us with any other inquiries regarding this topic and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.
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